President's Message - June 2015

Dear fellow hygienists,

The Nevada State Board of Dental Examiners (NSBDE) met on Friday, May 22nd and voted to accept the recommendations of the Committee on Dental Hygiene which will change NAC 631.210 and NAC 631.220. Please note that acceptance of the Committee on Dental Hygiene's recommendations DOES NOT CHANGE ANYTHING NOW. The laws, rules, and liabilities remain the same. (See attachment on NAC 631.210)

The next step in this process is for the NSBDE to schedule workshops to draft the language of the actual changes. It is at these workshops that all the interested parties (NDHA, NDA, dental hygienists, dentists, people from the general public) will have an opportunity to weigh in with their suggestions and opinions. So, workshops are open to the public and notice of their date, time, and place are posted 30 days in advance.

Once the workshops are completed, NSBDE sends the completed changes to the LCB (Legislative Counsel Bureau) in Carson City which looks at the changes and makes any changes in the legal wording of the document they think are necessary. Then, the document is sent back to the NSBDE for final approval before the changes actually go into effect.

So, keep your eyes open for announcements about the dates, times, and places of the workshops as we will be sending notice to dental hygienists of these meetings.

As a side note, this is a great opportunity for us to all learn more about the process of the lawmaking that governs our profession!


Annette Lincicome, BS, RDH
NDHA President
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Laura Webb Wins the Alfred Fones Award!

NDHA is pleased to announce that Laura Webb, CDA, RDH, MS, has been selected to receive the Alfred Fones Award at the 2012 ADHA Annual Session in Phoenix.

Alfred Fones Award

This award recognizes hygienists with 25 years of ADHA membership, achievement in education, and leadership.
One recipient will be selected. Recipient will receive the following:

  •      Engraved plaque
  •      Recognition in an ADHA publication
  •      Free Yearly Membership to ADHA
  •      Recognition at Annual Session
  •      2 Days Per Diem at Annual Session
  •      Air Travel to Annual Session
  •      2 Nights Lodging at Annual Session
  •      $1,000 Cash Award

Congratulations Laura!


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President's Message - April 2012

Educapalooza or Bust!

Dear Fellow Hygienists,

This is a very serious message I’m sending out tonight.  I want to start with thanking all of you members who have belonged in the past with conviction, passion, and no question for how valuable membership in your professional association is for you and your families.  We cajole and plead for new membership and forget to thank those of you who are providing the fuel that keeps the ship going.  Thank you so much for your contribution and commitment.  I will always remember you.


We received information that Huntridge Teen Clinic will receive $5000 from ADHA's Wrigley grant!  Way to go Annette Lincicome!  NDHA is so proud of you and the work you do for the underserved.

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