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Update - October 2011 . . . and MUCH MORE!

n this issue:  local, state and national news; results of the NDHA 2010 survey.

On the State Level…..

The last few months have been busy as usual for the NDHA Legislative Committee. We helped co-sponsor the 2011 Healthcare Professionals Legislative Meet and Greet at Willow Springs in Reno, NV.  The Nevada Physical Therapy Association, Nevada Nurses’ Association and the Nevada Dental Hygienists’  Association had the opportunity to speak one on one with the Nevada Senate and Assembly members about very important topics such as access to care, emerging workforce models and the practice and regulation issues of our professions.   In addition, it allows us to offer ourselves as a valuable resource to our representatives should they need any information on healthcare issues.  A big thank you to Willow Springs for donating the facility and food so there was no cost to the associations.  It is also very impressive to see how many of our local representatives show up and want to know about our concerns and the services that we provide. 

Update - July 2011

The most exciting news for dental hygienists from the 2011 Nevada Legislative Session was the passing of SB36 with the Amendment #823.  In order to appreciate the impact of this bill passing, here is a little background history: 

The Nevada State Board of Dental Examiners sponsored a bill (AB55) that would enable them to accept the national, clinical dental hygiene exam (ADHLEX). The NDHA supported this bill and it passed the legislature. After the bill passed, the NDHA received an email from a hygienist that was moving back to Nevada after living on the east coast. She had taken the national clinical exam and was told that it would not be accepted when she applied for licensure in Nevada because she had taken it a year ago. The way that the bill was worded was unclear about when the exam had to have been taken to be accepted in Nevada. So the NDHA legislative committee went to work to investigate when indeed the exam would be acceptable for licensure and what exactly could be done to clarify the language to help hygienists who had recently taken the exam. The NDHA legislative committee, under advisement from our lobbyist, wrote a letter to the Legislative Counsel Bureau (LCB) for clarification. The LCB is the legal department for the legislature. The LCB  stated that the bill was written prospectively and not retrospectively and therefore no exams could be accepted for licensure by the NSBDE unless they had been taken AFTER the date that the bill was signed, which was May 10, 2011.  According to the LCB, there would be no way that the NSBDE could make regulation to change this since statute always overrides regulation.   The NDHA felt that this was unfair to the hygienists who have taken this exam recently, such as the hygienist who contacted the NDHA, and the many students who had recently taken the exam in Las Vegas on May 7, 2011. 

Update - April 2011

It’s that time again!!! The 2011 Nevada Legislature is in full swing as the deadline for new bills has passed and the legislative agenda is full.  The Nevada Dental Hygienists’ Association held its first “Dental Hygiene Day” in Carson City on March 18th at the Nevada State Assembly. We had a great turnout that included lobbyists, dental hygiene students, TMCC instructors and hygienists from Reno, Sparks and Carson City.  The table was set up to provide coffee, water, toothbrushes, floss, candy, sugarless gum and folders with information on the dental hygiene profession, access to care issues and the importance of preventive oral  health services. Information and goodies were available to the legislators and the public. It was an amazing opportunity to connect on an individual basis and offer ourselves as a valuable resource to them.  We wanted to provide contact information for local NDHA officers and be visible with our lawmakers.  We stressed the fact that we did not have any bills in the legislature this session and wanted to emphasize the importance of collaboration among healthcare professionals and the legislative community.    Many attendees wore their “FLOSS CHIC” shirts and really stood out as a fun and knowledgeable group of professionals!  In addition, all the attendees had the opportunity to sit on the house floor as a guest while the assembly was in session, thanks to Assemblywoman Debbie Smith and Assemblyman Bob Bobzien.

Update - January 2010

Your professional association has been representing you at many local and state functions.


NDHA participated in an annual healthcare legislative Meet and Greet in October at Renown Medical Center. Dental hygienists, chiropractors, physical therapists and nurses had an opportunity to talk one on one with state legislators regarding healthcare reform, access to care and regulation issues.

National Scene...

On February 4, 2009, the House of Representatives approved (290-135) and President Obama signed the reauthorization of the Children’s Health Insurance Program that includes eight dental provisions.

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