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Dental Board Approves Changes to Subject Catagories of Manadatory CE

The Nevada Board of Dental Examiners has approved changes to Nevada Administrative Code governing approved subjects for mandatory continuing education in dentistry and dental hygiene.

On Friday, August 25, 2006, the Nevada dental board approved changes to NAC 631.175 (1) which specifies the continuing education subjects allowed for renewal of dental and dental hygiene licenses. In an attempt to simplify the designation of topics allowed, the approved changes divide subjects into two simple categories; clinical and non-clinical. The clinical category includes dental and medical health; preventive services; dental diagnosis and treatment planning; and dental clinical procedures, including corrective and restorative oral health procedures and basic dental sciences, dental research and new concepts in dentistry. Non-clinical subjects cover dental practice organization and management, patient management skills, methods of health care delivery, and teaching methodology.

The new wording clarifies a) at least 15 hours of continuing education required for dentists by NAC 631.173 must be in the approved clinical related subjects, section I, a-d and b) at least 12 hours of continuing education are required for dental hygienists by NAC 631.73 must be in the approved clinical related subjects, section I, a-d.

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