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What is the HOD

The House of Delegates (HOD) is the governing body for the NDHA. It is the forum at which the professional direction of NDHA is decided.

Delegates from the Northern Nevada Dental Hygienists’ Association (NNDHA) and the Southern Nevada Dental Hygienists’ Association (SNDHA) convene one time each year to conduct the business of the NDHA. The HOD is also where new ideas for the organization are introduced, voted upon, and placed into action by the Board of Trustees of NDHA. Delegates are members who have volunteered their time to represent their component. Each delegate represents ten other component members - they represent you.
If you have professional concerns or ideas for your profession, this is the place to have them addressed. The HOD is where it all happens. You can help guide your association in the professional direction of your choice. It has been said that if you do not vote in your national and local elections than you have no right to complain about the way things are done. The same holds true for your state and local dental hygiene associations. If you want things to change or improve or you see a need that has not been fulfilled, become a delegate or at least contact a delegate or a state officer and have your ideas heard.
If you wish to get involved by becoming a delegate to the House of Delegates, please contact your Component Trustee.


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